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Math education is a pyramid, with Elementary Mathematics serving as the base. It is the foundation for all further content, and is therefore one of the most important topics. Let us help you build a solid knowledge base, stay on track, and get excited about math.
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Elementary School Math Tutoring

Content Covered 
  • 2-Dimensional Geometry
  • ​Arithmetic​
  • Decimals
  • Factoring
  • Fractions
  • Integer Operations
  • Percents
Skills Developed 
  • Deep comprehension of underlying mathematic concepts ​
  • Thorough understanding of how and why mathematical operations, rules, and concepts are related
  • Strategies for problem solving and critical thinking

Leo is an all around great teacher. He increased my son's grades in as little as a few classes. My son used to dislike Algebra, but with Leo he has a better time learning. He is currently helping my son with Geometry. 

- Salwa, Parent

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Custom Elementary Math subject tutoring - let TutoringBoston help you build a solid foundation
Elementary Mathematics can be one of the most challenging subjects because it requires abstract reasoning of non tangible concepts. It is also one of the most important subjects because it is the foundation for all Middle School Math, High School Math, SAT/ACT, STEM courses, and beyond. 
Many students have a negative experience with Elementary Math, and lose confidence moving forward. Our approach is designed to make math fun, interactive, and enjoyable. Let TutoringBoston help you re-discover a love for math, tackle difficult concepts, and feel good about class. We are here to work with you on homework, classwork, and quiz preparation.