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TutoringBoston is proud to offer 1-1 private Math tutoring. We want to help you achieve your academic goals - let us help with homework, classwork, and test preparation.
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K-12 Mathematics Tutoring

The Problem 
  • ​Unsatisfactory explanations of academic content in classrooms​
  • Inadequate personal attention from school teachers
  • Poor relationships between teachers and students
  • Classroom environment not conducive to learning
  • Teachers and administration not properly motivating students
The Solution 
  • ​Expert content explanation from professional tutors
  • 1-1 personalized tutoring sessions focused on individual needs
  • Excellent connections between tutors and students
  • Tutoring sessions in comfortable locations (home, public place)
  • Tutors effectively encourage students to want to work

Best Tutor by Far! If my son doesn't connect with this teacher or tutor it's just harder for him to learn. Leo knows how to connect with kids and make them want to learn. It's been great having Leo there to help with my son's hurdles as he navigates through high school. Leo has a way about him that enables my son to understand the content in a way that some of his teachers haven't been able to do.

- Lori M, Parent

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Many students simply do not receive adequate instruction in schools - this is an unfortunate truth that both parents and students face on a daily basis. Private 1-1 tutoring helps bridge the gap between what is expected in school, and what is actually taught in the classrooms. 
As a result of negative experiences in school, students who otherwise are motivated to learn, often feel discouraged and give up. TutoringBoston helps students achieve their academic goals through positive reinforcement, confidence building, and strength-based learning. Our tutoring model is built on customized lesson planning and personalized instruction so students get the specific support that they need. 
TutoringBoston, LLC., based in Newton, Massachusetts, was founded by Leo Rusinov in 2016. Leo has been tutoring and teaching since 2010. He started his education career as an SAT Math and English classroom teacher and private instructor for The Princeton Review. Since then, he has worked as a classroom Math, Science, and English teacher for the Department of Youth Services, teaching at-risk youth in the Greater Boston area. He now dedicates himself full time to private tutoring.
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