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The ACT, like all standardized tests, can be beaten. Through systematic preparation,  TutoringBoston positions students to be in the best possible environment for success.
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ACT Math Content                 
The ACT Math section is multiple choice only, and is designed to test a student's ability to solve Academic Math problems.  Questions can take various forms including Word Problems, Graph Questions, and Algebraic Expressions. An approved calculator is permitted on this section.
ACT Reading Content                 
Questions in the ACT Reading section can ask students about specific details, main ideas, vocabulary in context, or other reading comprehension topics from the given passages. Reading categories can include Literary Narrative, Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science.
ACT Math Strategy               
To maximize scores, TutoringBoston shows students specific ACT math strategies that are not usually taught in school. Additionally, we teach students calculator tip and tricks that can help save time and answer otherwise difficult questions.          
ACT Reading Strategy                 
Since the ACT Reading section is focused on evidence and support from the passages, TutoringBoston teaches students how to find facts and select the best answer. This is unlike a typical high school test that is based on interpretation and "thinking outside the box." 
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ACT English Content                 
The ACT Writing section tests conventions from Standard English. Students can expect to see questions on punctuation, writing strategy, and word choice. Problems can include correcting grammatical errors, improving sentences, and organizing paragraphs
ACT Science Content                 
The ACT Science section can test content from passage about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science. Questions are based on graph interpretation, reading comprehension, and data analysis. Students can expect to see passages with accompanying charts and data points.
ACT Essay Content                 
The ACT Essay asks students to evaluate several perspectives on a given topic and describe their own perspective. The essay score is based on performance in 4 categories: Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Convention.
ACT English Strategy                 
There is no substitute for knowing Standard English conventions, so we teach students the rules on grammar, punctuation, and writing strategy. In addition, we show students how identify which rule is being tested, and how to quickly find the correct answer.
ACT Science Strategy                 
To beat the ACT Science section, TutoringBoston teaches students how to quickly interpret relevant information and analyze meaningful data from the passages. A science section has 40 questions in just 35 minutes, so both speed and accuracy are important. 
ACT Essay Strategy                 
The best way to prepare for this section is to generate an essay template in advance. Through practice and repetition, we guide students in developing an essay structure ahead of time. Once the basic shell is in place, students can quickly fill in the blanks. 

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Tutoring Boston is an amazing way to improve your overall test scores! I started with them without knowing anything at all about the SAT/ ACT, only that I took a practice test and didn't do that well. After a short period of time with them, my test scores increased dramatically. I was surprised that I did that well! Definitely worth the money and time.


- Georgio B, Student

Leo has been working with 3 of my children, (yes..Triplets) who all have different strengths and learning styles. He is very flexible in working with each of them, is encouraging and quite patient. His personality is easy going, but he is very thorough. All of my teens are progressing well as Leo assists them through practice tests and follow-up weekly. He has provided many strategies for the math SAT and ACT test taking process and is very fluent with the testing materials, study guides and content of the various tests. As a former Princeton Review tutor, his experience is more specific to understanding the testing models and approaches to answering the questions in a timely manner. Great value and terrific person. Thank you Leo!!


- Karen B, Parent

Tailored 1-1 ACT tutoring - let TutoringBoston design a personalized 1-1 ACT prep program to fit your needs
The ACT Test is not a typical high school test that most students are used to it. It is stressful, time constrained, and designed to be confusing. Luckily, this is a test that can be beaten given the proper guidance. TutoringBoston's ACT tutoring program has one mission: to prepare students for the ACT.  
The most important part to understand is that the scores for all multiple choice sections are based only on the number of questions answered correctly. Since, on average, there is 1 minute or less of time allotted per multiple choice question, it is important to find the correct answer using the quickest method.
The good news is that unlike a standard K-12 academic test, there is no need for students to explain how they arrive at the correct answer - they can use any strategies they choose. Unfortunately, typical problem solving approaches taught in school are not the best for the ACT. For this reason, TutoringBoston teaches specific tips, tricks, and techniques designed especially for the ACT .