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ACT Tutoring

Learn the strategies that can help increase scores on the ACT. We'll show you the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know. 

SAT Tutoring

Custom private tutoring for all sections of the SAT, including the essay. Learn how to beat the test to optimize your score.

ISEE/SSAT Tutoring

The ISEE and SSAT could be a student's first ever standardized test. Let us help reduce test anxiety and boost confidence.

Leo was awesome at preparing my twins to reach their target score on the SAT. They both enjoyed his coaching and put more into studying because of his positive energy. Next Fall, one is attending COLUMBIA and the other BARNARD. They are very happy with his support to achieve their goals.


 - Jena, Parent

Standardized Tests Are Designed To Be Tricky

Standardized tests are designed to be confusing on purpose. The SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, as well as other college and high school entrance exams, are very good at taking straightforward problems and intentionally making them difficult to understand. Most of the content tested on the SAT and ACT is material that students already know. So why don't test takers do as well as they expect? 
Consider this riddle: "A farmer had 15 sheep in a pen. All but 9 ran away. How many does the farmer have left now?" The correct answer is 9. Since all but 9 ran away, 9 are left. However, most people would say that 6 are left because this sounds like a math problem, the phrase "how many are left" usually indicates subtraction, so it would make sense to subtract 9 from 15 and arrive at 6. In fact, this is not a math problem at all. This is an attention to detail problem. 
Consider this statement: "The Boston Red Sox beat New York." We say this all the time, and it sounds right. However, this sentence is not actually grammatically correct because the Boston Red Sox is a team, and New York is is impossible for a team to beat a city. Most people would probably not catch that because they're not looking for it. They hear the key phrases "Boston, Red Sox, New York," and fill in the rest for the sentence to make sense.

We Can Help You Beat The Test

The good news is that standardized tests tend to ask the same types of questions over and over again. TutoringBoston teaches students to look for these questions and know how to answer them correctly. By being able to recognize the type of question being asked, students are more likely to not fall for trap answers.
In addition, we show students the best approaches to problem solving. A multiple choice system of equations math problem on the SAT can be solved using several techniques: graphing, substitution, or elimination. Or, since it's a multiple choice question, why not just plug in the answers and see what works? Or, if it's a trigonometry question on the ACT, why not use the trigonometry functions on your calculator?  A lot of students probably do not realize these tricks because they are not "real math. Their high school Algebra teachers would want them to solve the problem using a "real math" approach, which could take much longer and be much less efficient.
The beauty of the SAT and ACT is that it does not matter which method is used to solve a problem - all that matters is that the answer is correct. For this reason, we show students the most efficient ways to approach standardized tests...even if it's not "real math."
Tailor made lessons for all your needs - let TutoringBoston design a customized prep program for you

Whether it's Math, Reading, or Writing, TutoringBoston teaches the content in an easy to understand and applicable way, so students are prepared on test day.


Mastering the content is only half the battle - knowing how to take a standardized test is at least as important as understanding the content. We teach students the tips, tricks, and techniques that can help beat the tests.

Putting It Together

TutoringBoston prepares students to not only know the material, but also to be able to solve problems in the most strategic and efficient way.  By teaching both content and strategy, we position students to be as successful as possible on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and other standardized tests.

Studying for the SAT
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