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The Digital SAT is a test that can be prepared for, studied for, and beaten. TutoringBoston teaches both content and strategy, so students can be in the best possible position for success.
Serving students across the country with out roots in the Greater Boston area: Acton, Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Concord, Lexington, Needham, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, and Winchester.

Digital SAT Prep | Pay Per Session | No Long Term Contracts or Commitments

Real results from real students. Congratulations to your daughter!

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Digital SAT Math Content                 
Students can expect to see multiple choice and grid in questions testing knowledge on K-12 Academic Math including Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Problems ask students to demonstrate understanding of number manipulation, word problems, and logic.
Digital SAT Math Strategy               
To beat the test, TutoringBoston teaches the mathematical content as well as SAT specific strategies such as "Plugging in the Answers" and "Picking Your Own Number." In addition, we teach students how to effectively use Desmos on the SAT to save time.         

Private 1-1 SAT Instruction

Content and Strategy

Individualized Lesson Planning

Time Management

All Sections

Tips, Tricks, Techniques

Digital SAT English Content                 
The SAT English section tests students' abilities to synthesize information presented in reading excerpts, as well as understand grammar rules, conventions, and writing standards. Students may see questions that test logical reasoning, vocabulary in context, and adherence to writing best practices.
Digital SAT English Strategy                 
The key to scoring high on the SAT English sections is to understand that the correct answer may not be perfect, but it is always the best option. For this reason, we not only teach reading comprehension, grammar, and logic, but also specific test taking techniques including "Process of Elimination" and "Vertical Scanning."

- Vanesa B, Parent

Leo was an excellent SAT tutor for my daughter. She got a perfect 800 on Math! Leo immediately connected with my daughter, was very encouraging and kept her engaged throughout the study process. He developed a reasonable weekly study plan that worked great for her. He is very knowledgeable on what material and resources to use and in providing effective exam and study strategies. He was very flexible, easy to reach and sent me weekly updates on the study progress. Great experience, I highly recommend him.


Personalized SAT tutoring - let TutoringBoston design a customized SAT prep program just for you
The SAT test is designed to be tricky and confusing on purpose - it is not like a typical high school exam. It is its own test, and needs to be prepared for in a very specific way. If you are preparing for an Algebra test, you need to specifically study Algebra. If you are preparing for a Grammar test, you need to specifically study Grammar. If you are preparing for the SAT, you need to specifically study for the SAT
The scores on the non essay sections are calculated only based on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no partial credit, no penalty for guessing, and incorrect answers do not reduce the score. The only factor is how many questions a student answers correctly.  Since it is irrelevant how a student arrives at the correct answer,  TutoringBoston teaches specific strategies for the SAT that are not usually taught in K-12 academic settings.
Many students approach the SAT like a standard high school exam - unfortunately, they end up running out of time, choosing incorrect answers, and falling for SAT traps. For this reason, we show students shortcuts, tips, tricks, and techniques specific to the SAT that can help increase scores. 
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