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$249.99 - Online 3 Hour SAT Crash Course 

Sunday 4/30 from 11:00am - 2pm EST

Part 1: Test Overview
  • Our only goal is to get a higher score - we teach specifically to the test 
  • Score optimization - how to back into a target score, how many questions should be attempted, and how to budget time
Part 2: Reading
  • How to approach the passages efficiently - only spend time on what actually matters and can get you points
  • Strategies include predicting the answer and process of elimination 
Part 3: Writing and Language
  • Different types of questions - grammar vs logic
  • Grammar rules - semicolon, colon, dash, comma splice etc.
Part 4: Math
  • This is not a "real" math test - it needs to be prepared for in a very unique way
  • Techniques - picking your own number, plugging in, etc.
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